“Oh yes, Mother posed for many of  the figurines at the pottery” my father said when he saw it.

Read I’ll Be Your Powder Box from the Fall 2020 edition of the Journal of the American Art Pottery Association, republished here with their permission:

1- Powder Box full
Fulper Pottery powder box* porcelain, circa 1925 modeled by author’s grandmother. (*A container for loose body or face powder and large enough to hold a puff)
Audio:  I’ll Be Your Powder Box (read by the author)
Etta & horses+captions
The popular Pony Ballet from Me, Him and I; a Max and Gertrude Hoffman production circa 1905. Intro music by The Velvet Underground
Herald Sq. Hotel Entry
Frieze above the entrance to the Herald Square Hotel, built circa 1900.

3 thoughts on “I’LL BE YOUR POWDER BOX

  1. Oh my gosh, Anne, how I love these pieces! Thank you. I debated about whether to read it, or listen to it, first and ended up reading. Now I have your reading to look forward to.

    I am also using the en français version of your website to practice my French comprehension 🇫🇷

    Carry on ~ Love, Murphy

    Oh, and thanks for pushing PA over the blue ledge – which I am sure you did.



  2. Ahhhh Anne (with an “e”, What a pleasure to be introduced to your grandmother and learn that she also had an affinity for the stage. Like Mr. Murphy there, I read the story, not seeing where to click for the recited version. I will surely listen to you recitation.

    BYW, in the previous (I think) post, I could only find the french version. I’m lazy to read in french. Takes me a long time and I’m afraid to miss the subtleties. I didn’t see how to get in english. I’m very bad navigating the “click heres” etc. Did I miss it?


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