Who Does She Think She Is?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnne Fulper; writer, performer and blogger, is the youngest granddaughter of William Hill Fulper II, the “master craftsman” of an award-winning art pottery, now in the permanent collection of major museums across the U.S. After their father’s death in 1983, Anne and her three sisters found six notebooks hidden under the eaves in the attic of their family home in Bucks County, PA. There, written in their grandfather’s large, fluid scrawl were the secret formulas for the glazes that made Fulper Pottery unique. As a way of connecting to a vanished past and because they knew the look of those glazes down to their bones, they turned those handwritten recipes into the Fulper Tile Company (1985-2000).

Her memoir project Shards, is comprised of stories synthesized from the trifecta of her personal experience:

  • writing and performing scathing satire in NYC with The Sleazebuckets and Noh Radio
  • working with the chemistry of the glazes at Fulper Tile
  • a childhood growing up surrounded by vases, ewers, jugs, planters, lamps, powder boxes, perfume burners, bookends, candlesticks, flower frogs, ashtrays and crocks.

Now these pieces of pottery launch several memoir vignettes about a mid-20th century American family, whose forebear had owned a pottery in New Jersey.

In addition to Shards, Anne writes personal essays, finding humor in the bizarre and the mundane, the terrifying and the blasé, “the brilliant and the lame”. As all are written with an ear to live performance, most are accompanied by an audio version.

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