Bride and Groom Cupie Dolls

Listen to Bride and Cupie Dolls, read by the author (check out the bride and groom triptych at bottom of page), or read text below that: =””%5D%5B/audio%5D When I got married for the 2nd time, a dozen years after a brief dress rehearsal marriage that ended in divorce, my sister Julie was in charge ofContinue reading “Bride and Groom Cupie Dolls”

Legacy in the Attic; the Story of Fulper Tile

The art pottery journal which has published some of my essays over the past couple of years, asked me to write an article about how my sisters and I created a tile business based on our grandfather’s glaze recipe notebooks that we found in the attic. If you scroll down and click on the JournalContinue reading “Legacy in the Attic; the Story of Fulper Tile”

There’s That Baby Again

Listen to There’s Baby That Baby Again, read by the author, or read full text below: Stone Harbor, New Jersey, July, 2021. We have piled our beach chairs and umbrellas, sand anchors, towels, straw hats, soon-to-be-recalled-for-carcinogens-sunscreen, and books into the navy canvas wagon that we lug Mother Courage style across the fine white sand toContinue reading “There’s That Baby Again”