She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

Read She Came in Through the Bathroom Window; from the Winter 2020 edition of the Journal of the American Art Pottery Association, republished with their permission. Or listen to the story, read by the author:


Fulper Pottery, Jardinere, ca. 1915 Glazed stoneware Gift of the Fulper family in appreciation of New Jersey’s tradition of excellence in the ceramic arts, 1988  88.94  Collection of the Newark Museum of Art

Rada Julie Aggie (1)
Sisters; RADA, JULIE, and AGGIE with “Bathroom Window” to left of front door.
“Golf Ball Vase” to the right,, circa 1945

Anne Fulper’s memoir SHARDS, is a collection of personal essays about the vases, ewers, planters, lamps, powder boxes, bookends, candlesticks, and crocks which surrounded her family growing up, taking the pot off the pedestal to tell the tale behind it. 

Read An Introduction to SHARDS
Shards pile at the pottery
Family members posed outside shards pile at the pottery

Read or listen to excerpts from SHARDS

One thought on “She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

  1. I clicked on the beret and read “en français” in the text !
    The translation is pretty good. Thank you to him.
    I have traveled here and there through your website. Well done ! It’s nice this feeling of discovering you and your family, of tasting your humor, of finding yourself between the lines. Thank you Anne, more !


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