On Wednesday, August 3rd at 3pm, I will be doing a live reading over Zoom for the virtual Arts and Crafts in August 2022 conference. The original in-person event, which has taken place every February since 1988 at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC, is where my sisters and I premiered our just-out-of-the-gate Fulper Tile company in 1989. The virtual conference hosts a free online exhibitor show, along with a fee-based* symposium style series of lectures, which include me, reading two stories, Angels and Dragonflies and Legacy in the Attic. Many of you have seen/heard me read live, but this will be my first time presenting over Zoom. Because there are several slides involved, I will spend most of the time speaking from inside the little Zoom box. The upside to this is that hopefully you won’t see the mascara running down my face, making me look like a sad clown…or Alice Cooper, due to the blistering August heat in my un-airconditioned, fans only office.

*$100 fee for full access to the entire conference as well as the video on demand page if you can’t make the date/time. If you are interested in the conference, you can register here https://arts-craftsconference.com/registration/ or contact me through my blog with any questions https://annefulper.com/

We live well with pottery, when pottery and our lives have no line between them.”  (Zen and the Art of Pottery by Kenneth R. Beitel)


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  1. Oh wow! This is great! Will you be able to record it for anyone who can’t make the live reading?




  2. Silly me taking the time to read your email at my convenience…on August 5.

    Was the event saved and can be viewed still?

    I would ask if you are happy with how the event went, but, hey! Of course it went well.

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