Legacy in the Attic; the Story of Fulper Tile

The art pottery journal which has published some of my essays over the past couple of years, asked me to write an article about how my sisters and I created a tile business based on our grandfather’s glaze recipe notebooks that we found in the attic. If you scroll down and click on the Journal cover, you can read the article. Or, if you have even further stamina and want to listen to the audio for HALF AN HOUR!, you will be rewarded (or possibly punished) about 24 minutes in, by hearing me, my sister Julie, my daughter Ella and Marcia Pelletiere sing a very brief parody of Makin’ Whoopee called Makin’ Seconds. Either way, you’re here now, so you might as well make yourself a sandwich, grab a cup of coffee and listen to me drone on…

Christmas 1950 sisters
Left to right; Anne, Julie, Aggie, Rada

Listen to Legacy in the Attic; the Story of Fulper Tile read by the author

Or click on cover below to read the article as it appears in the Summer 2021 issue of the Journal of the American Art Pottery Association, reprinted here with their permission. 

Cover JAAPA Summer 2021

3 thoughts on “Legacy in the Attic; the Story of Fulper Tile

  1. Hi Anne! I saved reading this until today, so I could enjoy every sentence…which I did! What a story, and I love how you immediately include us readers, and make it impossible to stop reading…you are such a beautiful and fun writer…damn.

    Just sayin…we use the beautiful Bayou trivet constantly…you guys gave it to us for our wedding in 1991…right now the tea pot is not burning the counter thanks to it being the perfect size to alight my teapot upon…every morning…for like 30 years….omg.

    I heard that you and Silvère were recently in sister-hell, moving Aggie to NJ. You are a saint and of course what else would you have done, but still…I’m glad that chapter is over for all of you…and hopefully Aggie is happy in her new home, however unsettled it all must feel for her.

    Our happy news is that we got 3 kittens about a month ago…this after a year and a half of no cats AT ALL, following the death of the 6th of 6 little beasties that we had loved for over 20 years…and then suddenly this October we were ready for more, and these 3 siblings showed up…they are the best and we are so happy to have the crazy antics of kittens flying through the house again.

    Also I’m so happy and proud for Marcia (Maw-Shuh) and her new album of fabulous songs…it is such a beautiful collection of her work.

    And so…hoping all is well with your heart, that the surgery is so far behind you that you don’t really remember what the fuss was about….well, or at least maybe the thought has gotten tucked behind a myriad of other issues…

    All is good here, though this time of year I begin to yearn for a trip to the east coast…not this year, but sometime soon…if only this damn virus would stop mutating already…damn…

    Love to you always and thanks for keeping me on your email list so I can enjoy reading everything you write! XO Libby



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